Caring for our Lakes and Rivers.

We’re situated right beside a beautiful¬† river we call Comb beck that flows into Bassenthwaite Lake. It’s wonderful; supporting wild life ranging from juvenile Salmon to Roe deer. The river also supplies us with water and will even sooth us to sleep at night with its gentle babble. The waterways in this part of the Lakes are cared for by the West Cumbria Rivers Trust, a charitable organisation charged with protecting and improving the rivers and lakes of West Cumbria. Their work includes reducing river bank erosion, planting trees, and controlling invasive species to protect native species. As a business that has been hit by floods over recent years, we particularly appreciate the Trust’s work on natural flood management. We are working with the Trust on various local projects – and we’re hopeful our guests will help also.

We are offering an eco adventure short conservation break for two or three days which will provide the opportunity to work in some amazing places, gain new skills and enjoy a unique Lake District experience whilst working alongside and learning from local environmental experts. And, at the end of a hard and fulfilling day, you’ll get to enjoy a great dinner. Look out for this package on our Special Offers page.