The Game Season Cometh

I have indelible memories of the Game season. I started work in the Savoy kitchens on the 1st August 1972. In those days, kitchens were organised with a strict hierarchy and clear demarcations in terms of ‘who did what’. My role was allocated as ‘Commis’ on the roast corner. The section of the kitchen was generally uninspiring for most of the year, mainly producing roasted joints of meat and accompaniments. However, cometh the 12th August and the roast section became the most exciting place to work in the kitchen. An array of game birds would be cooked to order, tiny little Snipe in which the long beak pierced the bird to provide the truss, Wild Duck and of course the first game bird of the season, Red Grouse.

Those who are fond of their game will know that ‘the show’ kicks off on the ‘Glorious Twelth’, that is the 12th August with the start of the Grouse season. It’s a grand occasion, steeped in tradition.

Within Cumbria, we are fortunate to have moorland inhabited with Red Grouse. Our suppliers, Cartmel Valley Game have all the right contacts for sourcing top quality Red Grouse. Based in the beautiful village of Cartmel in the South Lakes and run by husband and wife team, Jonathan & Susan Stott. Jonathan, who is locally known as Stotty, established the business in 1994, processing and providing locally sourced high quality game and home smoked products. Stotty’s background as a game keeper ensures that he has all the right contacts for supplying top quality game.

To celebrate the start of the Grouse season we are holding a dinner on Friday 28th August that will present an original and creative take on this game bird. The menu will also feature some other seasonal favourites such as Scallops and Jerusalem Artichokes. If you enjoy game, and Grouse in particular, you are very welcome to join us for the evening. The four course dinner will cost just £50.00 and we will be offering a wine pairing also.