Sustainability at

The Cottage In The Wood

The Cottage In The Wood is in a unique location nestled in the mountain forest. We care about how we impact our immediate and wider environment and look to create positive outputs. For example, we don’t use mains water but have our own spring which is then filtered by an eco pure water system, meaning we don’t buy any bottled water. We have reduced single use plastic, but where this is not possible, such as sous vide bags, we use compostable ones. We reduce wasted energy by having our heating and hot water on timers, and use energy lights which are switched off when not in use. We have different waste streams for recycling. Our food waste is composted on site for use in the garden, and waste oil is collected for recycling. We treat our wastewater with a bio cube system, to eliminate harmful toxins going into the waterways.

We adopt a zero-waste approach in the dishes, using whole ingredients throughout the menu to reduce food waste. For example, the Chefs culture their own butter, and use the buttermilk in the milk bread. They ferment, pickle and preserve ingredients to increase shelf life, and any other off cuts and trims find their way to the bar for cocktails. We aim to always source ethically produced foods from smaller producers who share our values and proximity, resulting in smaller journeys. For example, local suppliers include Thornby Moor Dairy, Growing Well farm, Carvetii Coffee, The Lakes Distillery, Sedbergh soap, Cartmel Valley Game, Winter Tarn Dairy, Stephen Aireys, and local log deliveries from arborist Paul Livesey. We treat the bar like a kitchen, creating cocktails from fresh seasonal ingredients, such as Yorkshire Rhubarb and local gooseberries in the summer. For wines, we champion small grower/producers that care about their environment and communities.

And it doesn’t stop there. Next year we plan to examine all of our suppliers and only work with those that share are ethos in all ways of working. We aim to be involved in more community projects and local charities. We’re looking to employ over 50s and visit schools and colleges to inspire the next generation of hospitality superstars. We’re also devising a Mental Health Policy as we continue to put the wellbeing of our team first. We’re busy creating planters to grow vegetables are herbs. And finally, we’re super excited by the hydro-electric power that is in the works – watch this space!